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Quicken no longer connects with my Credit Union

I have been connecting to my credit union since the day it became available using MS Money.  Now that Money is no longer made I've been using Quicken with mixed results.  

I have 2 accounts at my credit union with different account numbers and all of a sudden Quicken will only connect to the credit union with one account.  I can't even open exported data in the one account.  I get an error message that its a "hiccup" in the system and should be fixed within 24 hours, but it's been going on for over a week now.  In the Online Services tab of account details, it says that a connection has been made between this account and my credit union.  I can click the button next to it to remove the connection, but nothing happens.

I've even tried to add a new account but Quicken will not connect.  

For the life of me, I can't figure out why it will connect using one account number but not the other.

Why oh why did Microsoft abandon Money. . . . .
    Please try this: Deactivate / Remove both credit union accounts from One Step Update and then reactivate them. Be careful to properly link each bank account to the matching Quicken account.
    Creating a backup of your Quicken data file just before you start working on this might be a good idea.

    By the way, do you have all the available bug fixes installed for your version of Quicken? Click Help / About Quicken. For Quicken 2010, the response should read "Release 10". If not R10, you need to update Quicken.
    • "Please try this: Deactivate / Remove both credit union accounts from One Step Update and then reactivate them. Be careful to properly link each bank account to the matching Quicken account.
      Creating a backup of your Quicken data file just before you start working on this might be a good idea."

      Thanks for your response but while waiting I did exactly as you suggested which only made the problem worse.  If you de-activate an account and then open up a backup file, that account will be de-activated.  Now Quicken will no longer accept data for either account.  

      I use different log ins for each account, so I'm not sure what you mean by properly linking each bank account to the matching Quicken account.

      I do have the most current update.

      This is really frustrating given that it happened all of a sudden.
    OK, thanks for your response.
    The thing about making a backup of your Quicken data file I mentioned is for insurance. Should something go wrong while deactivating / reactivating, you have a backup data file you can restore, should something go terribly wrong (such as linking AccountA at your bank with AccountB in Quicken and then downloading a whole bunch of transactions).

    It appears that, like many other banks this year, your credit union has made changes to their website, not always compatible with all supported versions of Quicken. Typically, deactivating / reactivating all accounts at one bank allows Quicken to reestablish connection using the new / updated communications requirements and all is well after that.
    It appears that it isn't, in your case.
    You didn't tell me, what kind of error messages or other symptoms you observe as you try to reconnect, so I'm in the dark.
    One thing you could try is: Be sure both accounts are deactivated. Then log on to the CU website with one of your userIDs and initiate a Quicken-compatible download. Follow prompts in Quicken to direct the download into the proper account. If that works, repeat for the other account. And after that, you should be OK again to download from One Step Update or Account Actions / Update Now ... I hope ...
    • The error message is "Sorry we could not connect to your credit union, it's not your fault"

      I've deactivated both accounts and when I manually download the qfx file, Quicken doesn't even ask me what account to update so as a result, nothing gets updated.

      I can open the file in notepad and the data is there.
    • I feel your pain. I am having the same problem with Chase Bank and Discover. Have you been able to figure anything out yet?
    • No I haven't.  Since it's more than just my credit union, sounds like a Quicken problem.
    • I also have accounts at Chase but am having no problems with that account.
    • SheriDi:
      Which CU?
    • SkyOne Fed Cu
    • According to this link which shows which Quicken downloads types the financial institutions support:
      Skyone FCU does not support Direct Connect, so the best you can hope for is Express Web Connect or doing downloads from the website with Web Connect.
      See this article which describes the different Quicken download types:
      As you can see from the article, EWC is Quicken trying to do what you would do if you went to the website and downloaded it yourself and aggregating the data on a Quicken server, but anything the FI does to change the website can mess up the download.

      Hope this at least sheds a little light on what might be going on to cause your downloads not to work.
    • Thanks splasher for the info.  What is so frustrating is that I've been using EWC and also connecting direct to the CU through Quicken forever and all of a sudden it doesn't work.  I'm beginning to wonder if the cu has changed something on their end.  I've emailed them and will have to wait to see what they say.

      Thanks again.
    • I am having the same problem with Affinity Federal Credit Union. I have two different IDs with this institution. One ID works fine. With the other, Quicken repeated gives the error first reported here: temporary problem, not your fault, a hiccup. I have been working with Quicken support for nearly four weeks, and they do not seem to acknowledge an issue. I guess they don't read these forums?
    • I was told it would take about 4 weeks to get an answer to my problem - we'll see.  I did notice today that Quicken actually updates my online balance on the one acct (that it seems to be unable to communicate with), but that's it.  My CU updated their system this weekend, and I got an update to Quicken itself today, neither of which has made a differenct.
    • I've been experiencing almost the exact same problem with Quicken Deluxe since 10/14/11. The problem began when I chose to purchase Quicken 2012 (also Deluxe) for Windows (I'm running 64 bit Windows 7).

      I have 3 credit union accounts (Energy Federal Credit Union) and have been using Quicken with these accounts for several years (and several versions of Quicken). I also have a bank account in a regular bank as well as 2 credit cards elsewhere. The only accounts effected are with the credit union.

      The very first time I did a one step update using 2012, transactions for all three accounts were downloaded. The problem is that they were downloaded into the wrong accounts! Doing a deactivate / activate results in the same "not your fault" error message. I tried setting up a new quicken account containing just the credit union accounts. Doing this enabled me to do express web connects, still putting the transactions into the wrong accounts. I then need to repeat the deactivate / activate several times to get the downloads to go to the correct account. If I try to add any other financial institution I am no longer able to get any sort of download from the credit union accounts (getting error code CC-800).

      I reverted back to Quicken 2011 but got the same results and have found no way to fix this problem. Quicken customer support has been useless. My credit union knows of no changes they have done with their site. I've relied on Quicken for years and no longer consider it to be reliable. Oh, I did one other test: I borrowed a computer from a friend and installed a clean copy of Quicken (tried both versions) and experienced the same problems.

      I apologize for being so long winded but wanted to include all possible pertinent information.
    • Does Quicken update the online balances of your accounts?
    • SheriDi -

      If it retrieves an account it does update the balance. However, if the wrong account transactions are downloaded then the online balance is updated incorrectly. Then, before I can try to deactivate / activate I have no choice but to accept all downloaded transactions, regardless if it wasn't the correct account. At that point there is nothing I can do but restore my file from an earlier backup.

      Have you been able to figure anything out?
    • No, I'm pretty much through with Quicken.  For the last few hours I've been looking at Moneydance.  So far I have been able to export my Quicken data into it and to flawlessly download transactions from my credit union.  For my relatively simple requirements it seems to be doing the trick, but of course time will tell. . . . .

      Good luck!
    • Had this problem since summer when A+ credit union changed to netteller from Jack Henry and assoc for online banking. I've benn escallated up to the script team so manty times I can't keep count. They keep saying it's fixed but it isn't.
    All of a sudden, and without explanation from either the Credit Union or Intuit, this started working yesterday.

    Since Quicken has not allowed me to set up for downloading transactions as part of the One Step Update (the "temporary hiccup" syndrome), I have been manually importing transactions by downloading a QFX file from the credit union website and then importing that file via the Quicken file menu. When I did this yesterday, for the first time, Quicken asked if I wanted to add the account to one-step update. I said yes and went through the wizard. Oddly, when the wizard got to the point of asking which account in Quicken to tie to which account it found online (I have two), the pull-down menu listing my Quicken accounts was blank -- there was no menu or list of accounts where that list should have been. So, I just clicked continue and ended up with the wrong accounts linked.

    So, this morning, I deactivated one-step update for those two accounts and proceeded to re-add them to one step update manually. This time, instead of saying there was a temporary hiccup, it actually worked for both accounts! A new transaction was successfully downloaded.

    Hopefully, this is the end of this very unpleasant saga. I hope others have luck too,

    • No change for me, downloads still not working and no response from customer support.  On the bright side, Moneydance is working flawlessly!
    I experienced the same problem with both Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Premier not updating one of the two accounts I have with a credit union.  The weird thing is that one program would update only the savings account while the other would only update the checking account.  Quicken Support was no help, so I kept playing with this to see what I could figure out on my own.  I noticed that the account NOT being updated did not have the routing number assigned to it.  I presume this comes from the credit union, as I do not enter that information when I set up the accounts (there is no place to put the routing number and you can't add it when the account is activated for online).  
    Here's what worked for me -- My credit union userid (login name) is NOT case sensitive (the password is, though). If I deactivate and reactivate both accounts at one time, one account is activated correctly and the other is not (it is still missing the routing number).   However, if I activate each account SEPARATELY, using a capitalized first letter for the userid for one account and all lower case for the other, I get both accounts activated and the routing number appears  in each account.  When the routing number appears in each account, that account is being updated correctly in One Step Update.  This worked for both Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Premier.
    I can't guarantee this will solve some of the problems noted in this forum, but it worked for me.  By the way, I am using Quicken Deluxe 2011 and Quicken Premier 2011.
    • Very interesting Fuzmaniac.  Sounds like the exact same problem I was having.  Since it's been so long without a fix I've had to switch to another program.  I may give your fix a try though just for kicks.  Very good sleuthing job on your part!
    • Just remembered that I log into my CU using numbers only so case sensitivity isn't an issue and your fix won't work for me. Still, a good sleuthing job!
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