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How do I re-download QW2011?

Running a diagnostic tool on my present comptuer shows that the hard drive is likely to fail soon.  I have a new computer and need to re-download Quicken onto the new one. How do I do it?
    • Sherlock, I am planning to reformat my compurter and will need download my Quicken 2011 Rental Property Manager again.  I followed your suggestion, got to my account, but it told me I had no downloads or unlocks associated with my account.  I'm sure I am overlooking something simple, what would be your next suggestion?
    • After wasting almost 2 hours of my precious time, I went to Quicken Help and Support and asked my re-install-after reformat-question through the "Live Chat" option. It took me only 13 seconds to get some help. I clearly stated my problem, provided my ID and almost immediately a new download was added to my account with instructions on how to proceed. The 'chat assistant' also suggested I save first, burn to CD, flash or external drive (love my clickfree!) so I will have a hard copy if I need it again.

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