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How can I get an instruction manual for Quicken 2010 Rental Property Manager?

I just purchased Quicken 2010 Rental Property Manager.  I purchased directly from Intuit thinking I would get a complete package including instruction manual.  I got a CD with no  manual or instructions of any kind.  When I get to a place where I need help, I look it up, but it does not allow me to print it out and it is very hard to find things and go back and forth without knowing how to find what you are looking for.  Can anyone help?
  • Yeah this program SUCKS big time, no customer support, the HELP in the program doesn't even work, I keep getting an error and the disc is now empty without doing anything else to it...nothing online helps, going direct to mfg and quicken does NOTHING....this is the worst, online no one ABSOLUTELY N O ONE has any manual for this program...horrible...HELP  I can't even pay my bills from property manager, there is not section, no icon, nothing.....
You can print from the Quicken Help. Is that where you are going to look things up? There is also tutorials and videos:

There are several Quicken books. These books generally don't cover Rental Property Manager, they cover Deluxe. If you are new to Quicken, these might be helpful in learning basic Quicken operations. The books I know of are Quicken for Dummies, Quicken Official Guide, Quicken Quicksteps.

You might also find one-on-one training helpful, check the posts here:

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