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cannot import quicken essentials data from one mac to another

I have installed quicken essentials on a second mac, but cannot transfer data from first mac.  I found data on the first mac, but the first mac will not let me click on the data.  Is there a setting that I need to change on the first mac?
  • is there a problem transferring downloaded data
I would quit QEMac on the source Mac first. Browse to your data file using the Mac Finder (usually located in your user account:documents. Copy that file.

The file is no different than any other file you have-picture, Word document, etc. So, I really don't know what you mean by "you can't click on it" You just copy like any other file, and put it on your second machine. I do it all the time.

Post back if you continue to have problems. If so, please provide more info.

  • I'm having a similar problem. I cannot attach my quicken essentials data file (name.quickendata) to an email . because is is grey-ed out and cannot be selected. Neither can I open or import a quicken "name.csv" or "name.quickendata" file from another computer into Quicken Essentials for the same reason.
Quicken for Mac is a bundle file which is essentially a folder with files inside and some additional features. Mail app should allow you send it to another Mac, however, most webmail services will not understand and grey out the bundle as they understand it as folder.  Just right or <Control> click on your Quicken data, select Compress the file to generate a compress file with all bundle contents and you should be able to attach it to any mail service or webmail site.
At your new Mac, save the file at your Documents folder, double click it to uncompress and you should be done.

Hope that helps.

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