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How to upgrade from Quicken 6 to current version

I have been running Quicken 6 (UK) for many years. I have a new Win 7 PC & installed Q6 from disk.
The programme asked for activation code but none are available as the UK telephone numbers are discontinued. Is there any way to activate Q6 on my new PC?
Happy to upgrade to any version of Quicken that is suitable for UK use and will import my Q6 QDATA files.
Have seen 2 options
1 Q Delux 2011 or 2012
2 Q 2000 UK edition
Any help much appriciated Terry
    I have seen meny comments saying one has to convert to various subsequent issues of Quicken before it is possible to convert from Q6 (1995) to current version.
    I have purchased Quicken 2011 Delux and am in the process of transfering all of my records from Q6.
    It is, so far working.
    You have to export QIF files from Q6 for each account individually and import them individually to Q2011.
    I am logging the procedure with screen shots & instructions.
    If any one wants the instructions, let me know & I will post them when transfer is complete.
    PS I purchased Q2011 from the US for use in the UK. I was unable to register it as the registration demanded which US state & ZIP Code.
    Such a pity Quicken dumbed the UK, what would it take these days for them to give universal registration & support?
    Quicken, I think, is far superior to any other personel accounts system I have seen.
      "I have seen meny comments saying one has to convert to various subsequent issues of Quicken before it is possible to convert from Q6 (1995) to current version".

      If the process does not require changing from one country version to another, and you want to get a complete conversion that is easy to do: then you do have go thru the intermediate Quicken version.

      A conversion using QIF files is very cumbersome, and will not convert some of your data.

      And, if you are trying to switch from an old non-U.S. version to a U.S. version, it would still probably be easier to first import the QIF files into Q2004 U.S. (which has no restrictions on QIF file importing), then have the newest U.S. version convert the Q2004 U.S. data.

      Intermediate "trial" versions of Quicken (U.S.) are available for free from Intuit's support site.

      [Others have reported that they registered Quicken from non-US countries using fake U.S. addresses. Though it's not clear that you need to register the product.]
      • Thanks NoWayJose, yes it is very cumbersome & I have given up. Whilst Quicken 2011 imported all of my accounts individually, it mixed a lot up and with many thousand records, it is an impossible task to check & correct.
        Are you saying that I can download the Q2004 US programme as a 'Intrermediate trial version' from Intuit's support site?
        Can I do this if I have not registered my product?
        Regards Terry
      "Are you saying that I can download the Q2004 US programme as a 'Intrermediate trial version' from Intuit's support site?"

      That is my guess.

        I have now successfully transferred my records from Quicken 6 (1995) UK version to Quicken Deluxe 2011.
        It has been a tortuous process.
        I first tried to import individual accounts via QIF files into Q 2011. They went in but transactions where mixed up and nothing balanced.
        I followed the advice given by Quicken Customer Care by installing Q99 to transfer to Q2004 then to Q2011. It did not work. I spent 1 hour 33 minutes on a call to Intuit Customer Care which cost £16.58 GBP, ($26.18 USD) at the end of which the answer was that my UK version of Q6 could not convert to Q99 US. So I spent more on the telephone call than I paid for the Quicken CD! I am very disappointed about this.
        The solution is:-
        1. Export each individual account as a QIF file from Q6 (1995).
        2. Import each individual account as a QIF file into Q2004.
        The transactions and transfers between accounts don’t import correctly.
        3. Check the balance’s on the Q6 against the Q2011
        a. Many transactions from a particular category where completely missed in the transfer.
        b. Several transfers between accounts showed in the account but the transfer was not active. This required entering a duplicate transaction with the correct transfer and deleting the original.
        4. Export the files from Q2004 as a ‘backup’.
        5. Restore the files into 2011 as a ‘restore from backup file’.
        It took many hours over three days to find all of the errors, and reams of paper printed from the old Q6 to check against the account detail in Q2004.
        It would be sensible for Intuit to state in there web instruction pages for transferring data from earlier version ‘THIS PROCEDURE CAN NOT BE USED WITH NON US VERSIONS’.

        Anyway I have got it working, so thanks to all for advice.
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