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Can't change category groups

I just moved to Home & Business 2011 from 2006.
Almost all categories were assigned automatically to Personal Expenses, a few (mostly incorrectly) to Business expenses. I have read other posts with variations of this problem--but contrary to what I read I do not seem to have the option to change the group a particular category is associated with.
Changing the Tax line item does NOT change the group assignment.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    All of your business expenses MUST be charged to Categories that have a Tax Line Item assigned.  Open up your Category List and the click on Options.  Make sure that "Show Tax Line Item" has a check in front of it.

    The rest is easy, edit your categories and make sure that all of your Business Categories have the proper Tax Line Item assigned.  You also want to edit your Personal Expense Categories to make sure they do not have Tax Line Items assigned.

    For example, your business telephone should be assigned a Tax Line Item of Schedule C:Utilities.
      Quicken 12:  I ran into the problem where I had business categories assigned to personal categories group and Quicken would not change the category group. I would type in "Business Expenses" in the category group field and press OK.  This would close the edit box but the the business expense would still remain on the personal expenses tab.  If I click edit, the text in the category group field still says "Personal Expenses".  Also all new expenses categories were assigned to "Personal Expenses" tab.

      1. Rename the business expense category that is stuck on the Personal Expenses group into something else, i.e. "Office Expenses - old". 
      2. Create a new category, give it the name of the category that is stuck on the Personal Expenses tab, and make it a subcategory of a business category, for example Ads.  Click OK.
      3. Reopen the new subcategory.  The category group field will say "Business Expenses."
      4. Change the subcategory into an independent category.  The newly minted independent category will stay in the "Business Expenses" group.
      5. Recharacterize the transactions carrying the old category that is stuck on the Personal Expenses tab.

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