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How to register Quicken 2000

I registered the product in 2000 aand have used it since.   My hard drive crashed so I had to reload quicken onto a new hard drive.   I now get messages telling me to register, but the email is not accepted.   How can I register now?
    Mick9 ........... Sorry about that.  That method I mentioned will only work on Quicken 2002 and newer.  My memory failed me, sorry...........  8-)

    Kinda hard to remember way back to the old Quicken versions.  Here are a couple of things that I remember that might be of help to you..

    Question ... do you have a back-up of your old hard drive before it crashed?  If so, the quicken.ini file on that hard drive has the line entry line that has the registration number/info. You can just copy the quicken.ini file from that hard drive and have it replace the quicken.ini file on you new hard drive and YES, that Quicken 2000 version on your new laptop will open / will be registered..

    Can't do as above, as a work around.. You you can try going go into the quicken.ini file and edit the line entry there that dictates the number of times you are allowed to open Quicken before registering. When you go to the quicken.ini file you will see an entry there. It will probably be at 20 as that is about how many times you could use Quicken 2000 without registering before it wants registration. So, edit that number in the ini to 1. Every 20 times you or so that you open Quicken, you will have to go back into the .ini file to reset the counter. An inconvenience but a viable work around. Editing an ini is very quick and easy. I'm not sure ...I don't remember but you may be able to (I doubt it but worth a try) make that ini file read only so Quicken cannot change the counter..

    By the way, ever consider upgrading to a newer version of Quicken?  Newer versions of Quicken can read your Quicken 2000 data file set.. You know that right?
    • I tried all this but eventi=ually the countdown went to zero and I couldn't open the programme.   Luckily I had a backup so I downloaded this and Quicken works again, without the need to register box.

    Mick9 ..........  Glad you got things working..  I did mention, that every 20 times you or so that you opened Quicken, you would have to go back into the .ini file to reset the counter. Yes, an inconvenience, but a viable work around.
    Mike9...   I have a work around but it may very well not work as the UK version may use 9 digits versus 6 digits in the Cust. number / serial number..  

    Mike you will need to add the Serial# line to your quicken.ini file and also remove any additional lines as I mentioned in the info below.

    Anyway, try the following:

    Quicken Deluxe 98

    Serial Numbers (6 digit)     Customer Numbers (6 digit)

         680389    ----          772372
         950725    ----          222970
         958917    ----          220942

    Close Quicken Deluxe 98
    Open the "QUICKEN.INI" file located in the "WINDOWS" directory.
    In the [Registration] section, change the serial number shown on the "SerialNumber=XXXXXX" line to one of the serial numbers shown above.  Then change the "RegistrationCount=X" to "RegistrationCount=0"

    At this point, the [Registration] section should only contain the following two lines.  If there are any other lines in this section, delete them.


    Save the "QUICKEN.INI" file and start Quicken Deluxe 98.

    You will be prompted to register.  Follow the instructions.  When you are given the choice of registering by MODEM or Telephone, choose Telephone.

    When prompted, enter the Customer Number that corresponds to the above displayed Serial Number.

    You hopefully will then then receive a Registration Complete dialog box.
    • Thanks for your information and time - it is appreciated.   However, just a couple of queries before I do anything.   1.   You refer to Quicken Deluxe 98.   My copy is  Quicken Deluxe 2000.   2. I cannot see a line maked SerialNumber=XXXXXX in the quicken.ini file copied in my query.
    • MICK9 ..    I have done some further checking and the UK version uses 9 characters from what I have found out so extremely doubtful the info I provided would work for you.   Sorry, I could be of no help.
    • Thanks for trying.
    Q2000 UK deluxe W7.
    My experience is if you close your "last" use of Q2000 you can open it again.
    It says you have to register it but no mention of counts.
    Then try to register online and it reports "unsuccessful".
    Then click OK or similar.
    Q asks for your password and then opens with no mention of registering.
    I have then closed Q2000 and reopened it and there is no mention of registering.
    The front page is not correct in that you need the cursor to paint the screen but this is, I think, the case with W7.
    On the front page at the bottom it says "you will need to register quicken if you want to use the online features"
      No need to register Quicken 2000 to keep it working. With Quicken 2000 you can no longer download anyway. Thus, it is not necessary to register.

      If you just want to get rid that nag screen, click Online, then hold down CTRL+SHIFT while you click, One Step Update.
      • thanks, but I've tried that and it doesn't work.
      I had the same problem and tried copying the quicken.ini file from my old hard drive but that didn't work. It finally worked when I copied all the files from my old drive quickenw folder to my new PC and, in particular, the qw.cfg file seemed to be the key.

      I you get the message again, check to see if any of these files have been updated. Close Quicken and copy qw.cfg into quickenw again.
      • I should have added that you need to take a copy of quicken.ini from the windows folder of your old machine. Copy it to the Windows folder of your new machine (assuming we are talking about changing PC. I reinstalled windows but used a different hard drive so had access to my old one.), copy the files from C:\quickenw and THEN start Quicken.

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