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What specifically does the Rental Property Manager program do that Quicken Premier cannot do?

I use Quicken Premier and I have a couple rental properties.  I created an income account and rental expense accounts for each property.  I can filter a report to show the rental income and expenses and then save the report.  This gives me everything I need, Ithink.  The website does not give too much detail for the Rental Property Manager version.  I considered creating one set of rental proeprty accounts and then use tags for each property but I think having each rental property with separate accounts works better for me.

Is there a demo I can see?  Please tell me how this is different from the version I use.  What will it do that mine does not do to justify spending the additional money for the Rental Property Manager version.


    That is good you rent property to crate  income account and you can save you can work on what you need for your income but the problem is we have to work and create the property and need some to do this work because we are busy and have to work with others is increase our business  if you come home and work with me that is good idea.
    Thank you
    God bless.
    • IMO the program is not worth the money.  I've managed over 106 of my own rental properties and this is one of the most clumsy, awkward and Inadequate programs to use. They System Developer must never have owned any rental properties becuase he most certainly didn't know how to design a program for rental management.  The program is not ready for prime time and needs to be back in development stage.  I'm going to ask for a refund!  I expect better from Quicken.

    • I agree with Don.... I just upgraded and its the worst $50.00 i just spent to upgrade...  I can't believe this sub standard product...

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