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Can't get 2013 to register.

 It goes through the registration process but when I click the "Finish" button the registration window clears of text and freezes. It won't close and the only way to close it is to use Task Manager to end the program.
  • If you previously had QW installed, have you tried doing a clean reinstall?
  • I ran into the same issue. I removed Quicken manually and it didn't fix the issue. I also cannot load the R2 update.  Intuit must have an issue here with the new software.
  • R2 should have been loaded as part of the install.  R2 has a lot of fixes over R1, and you really need to have it.
    Try installing the mondo patch from here:
  • Thanks - after disabling my virus software, this update worked and addressed both my registration and update issue!
  • We just purchased/downloaded 2013 and are experiencing the same problem.  We were already on R2, but tried the mondo patch anyway.  No change.  I've tried running 2013 as an admin, I've tried running with the firewall turned off, and I've tried resetting IE to the defaults.  We continue to get this blank screen after going through the registration process, which ultimately locks up Quicken and I have to kill it from the Task Manager.

    Every community forum I've seen regarding this problem states that an upgrade to R2 is the solution.  Well, that's certainly not the case for me.  Any help would be appreciated.

    We are running Windows Vista.
  • Well, at this point, I would try an uninstall of Quicken 2013 and then a clean install of Quicken 2013.  Intuit's  server is updating new installs properly with R2 now.  Again a clean install using...

    By the way, turn off Virus program and shut down other programs before you do the install.
  • I have the same issue.  I have performed a clean install of Quicken 2013 today 12-27-2012.  I have also applied the patch to version R10.  It seems I can do most anything with the program itself except the registration portion.  I can open the registration window and then I don't register, but cancel, I too get the registration window clears of text and freezes.  I then cannot get back into the Quicken program and can only close it by using the task manager.  I have turned of my firewall, anti-virus, and any other programs that might be running in the backround.
I just went through a frustrating call to Customer Service in India regarding this same registration problem.  C/S never acknowledge that their software has a bug, and never actually fixed the registration problem.  Instead, she had me click on the tools menu, then hold down the shift and ctrl key at the same time, then clicked on one step update ... a pop up window asked if I wanted to bypass registration?  I answered yes.  I then clicked on one step update again, and I was able to update my accounts from my bank.

So no fix ... just a work around!  And another realization that it is so sad that our jobs are going to India!
  • dchrinian............  Yup, I'm not real thrilled that Intuit outsources jobs to India.  Jobs that US citizens deserve and could surely use. We have people in the USA crying for jobs and Intuit continues to use outsourced workers. To boot, Intuit often charges you to talk to that out sourced help..   A real, real shame!!

    Regardless,  the registration work around is the same work around that myself, other SuperUser's here, a USA based Intuit/quicken rep, etc. would give you.  This work around in regard to Quicken registration issues has been tendered for years..
  • And I will add to this, that this in fact a very complicated problem, with no "one fix".  And in fact is more Windows problem then a Quicken problem per say.

    Quicken uses embedded web pages (which Microsoft was heavily pushing in the 2000s) to do certain things like registering, the tax planner, the life planner, the tutorials, ...

    Well not only are some of those things done better as just regular GUI controls (tax planner/life planner), but to do "active" things on the page ActiveX was used.  Well it just so happens that virus writers found ways to exploit Active X controls and from that point on more and more options in IE were put in to combat this, not to mention anti-virus programs blocking things like this, and changing IE settings without asking the user.

    So it is the fact that Quicken uses embedded web pages, and the only current way to do that is to use Microsoft's system, which in turn uses the user's IE settings.  So the user, or patches, or anti-virus software, ... can now cause these kinds of problems.  Making it next to impossible to give a one size fits all answer.  And the person trying to fix it has to actually be a Windows expert, not just know some things about Quicken.

    The registration problem is easy, there is a way to bypass it.
    When the problem hits the other parts of the program, well then you have a real problem.

    Oh yeah almost all help systems are built on embedded web pages too, so they can be effected by this too.
  • This worked for me using Windows 7.  Open Internet Explorer.  Go to Tools, Internet Options, Security, Custom Level.  Reset all the security options to their lowest level.  Ignore the warnings.  Open Quicken, you can now register and update the software.  Close Quicken.  Reopen Internet Explorer and reset the security levels back to normal settings.  Thanks to Quick'NPerfWiz for the hint to the embedded browser as the source of the problem.
  • About the Outsourcing of Jobs, you may thank the Minimum Wage Law here-in the U. S. A.?  [Maybe I wrote an ignorant answer?  If I just did, then I feel sorry!]

    Rain falls here in Asheville, NC all-day.  So I have Time to Kill.  :-)

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