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Quicken 2009 Home and Business stopped recognizing business categories mid year

I have used a specific tax related business category regularly and this category is no longer being recognized in my Profit and Loss statement.  It stopped being recognized in February 2011 so my P&L is not longer accurate.  How do I get it to recognize the category correctly.  It still shows in the category list as a tax related business expense.
    Is this particular category still associated with a proper Schedule C tax line item?
    • Yes it is.  I believe it has to do with the "Tag" thing.
    "the Tag thing" ...

    Maybe. Take a look at how your business is defined in Quicken. In the Menu Bar click Business, then Manage Business Information. Make sure that your business is defined there and that it has a checkmark as "Default Business". Edit as needed, so that business transactions without a tag automatically belong to the default business.
    • It was already set up as the only business and therefore the default.  So untagged transactions which are supposed to be showing in the default business p&l are not.
    One last suggestion and then I'll be scraping the bottom of my barrel ...

    Has Quicken ever crashed (or did the system while Quicken was up and running)?
    In that case, or if you had problems with harddisk reliability / bad clusters, your Quicken data file may have become corrupted.
    Make a copy of your Quicken data file (File / File Operations / Copy).
    Open the copied file.
    Validate and Supervalidate the copied file:
    - Validate: Click File / File Operations / Validate. Let that run. Review the error log. Any errors reported as not repaired need to be repaired by you.
    - Supervalidate: Click File / File Operations, then press and hold SHIFT+CTRL as you click Validate. Again, let that run. It might run a few minutes. Supervalidate looks for a different range of data structure errors.
    When done, make sure the copied and validated file is open. Try your reports again.

    P.S.: Quicken 2009 will go out of support by April 2012. You might want to consider buying and installing Quicken 2012 within the next few months. See

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