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Importing QFX into quicken

My am using WinXP Pro and usually use either IE or Chrome for my browser. I downloaded the QFX file of bank transactions, but when I go to the folder, the file is not visible. Do not see it when I browse through Quicken 2012 attempting to inport. When back and imported the QIF instead. This is visible, but then I get an error message from Quicken 2012 that I cannot import this kind of file into a checking acct (which sucks since I could in my older version of Quicken). So, I figure I am missing a step somewhere, but cannot seem to figure it out. Just to add interest, I posted this question yesterday and it disappeared. So, hope I can get a response this time.
  • When you downloaded the QFX file, did you tell the browser to "open" or "save" the file?
    When you did this, was Quicken running?
    In the Register - > Downloaded Transactions section of Preferences (Edit menu) is the box checked or not checked for "Automatically add downloaded transactions to register"?

    As to not being able to use QIF files, there is a good reason, you could import a QIF file multiple times and duplicate your data a bunch, but a QFX file won't allow the same transaction to be added to an account more than once.
  • You mention that you didn't see the QFX file when trying to import using the menus.  Make sure you are using "Web Connect", which is QFX, not QXF which is a different format for transferring data between version of Quicken.

    Also as Splasher implied you can just open the QFX in your web browser or Windows Explorer and it will be imported in to Quicken.
  • Responding to Splasher: The file downloads automatically - I do not receive a choice of opening or saving. Quicken is running at the time. The "automatically add" box was not checked, so tonight I checked it and tried again. No go. Actually, I did locate the QFX file when I did the download tonight, but when I attempted to import it, receive an error message: Quicken is unable to complete your request.  OL-221-A.  Mean anything?
The OL-221 error is what you would get if you were trying to download into an older, non-supported version of the software (2008 & earlier) or for some reason your financial institution is not being recognized as a "member in good standing with their Quicken d/l license" when it should be.  Since you are running Q'2012, the former is not the problem.
This is one of those times that you need to contact Customer Support at:
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    • exact same thing happens to me but my error mressage does not have a code - only to go to open quicken file, but I can't because the file is not visible
    • hidesertdi,

      If the file is not visible when you browse for it with File -- File Import -- Web Connect File..., that indicates it isn't a QFX file.
      The browse dialog is set to only show files with the .QFX suffix/type, if the file doesn't have that suffix you will not see it.
      And if it doesn't have that suffix after saving it then either it is not Quicken Web Connect QFX file (some other type of file) or your the web page or your web browser is not giving it the right type.  If it is just a name problem you could rename it, and it would show up.

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