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update passwords

Does the automatic update use the password I use to log on to my banks website?  I used to put in a 4 character pin which the bank asked me to change.  However my password for the quicken update is the same password I use to log on to the website.  So do I have to change the quicken password when I change my log on to the bank password.  Please help
    What user name and password Quicken should use is up to the financial institution.  Usually it does match what you use on the web site, but it doesn't have to.

    If think it would become very apparent if you do it wrong, as in when you try to download in Quicken you will get an error logging in to your financial institution (It will say the user name or password is wrong).

    You can change your password in Quicken at:
    Tools -> Password Vault
    • I am aware that if I use the wrong password it would be apparent.  This is very different from Quicken 2010 and other past Quicken Software.  I have always had to use the 4 character pin.  Now it appears that I am using my logon password.  So I am guessing that when I change my logon to my bank  I will have to change it in my quicken software.  I would rather use my Pin the Bank asked me for but that is not how the software set it up
    • Ask your financial institution what they require.

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