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quicken won't download paypal

this started a few weeks ago. All of a sudden, quicken won't download paypal, it says it can't communicate. Everything seems fine on Paypal's end (I can log in, etc.). When I redo the setup in Quicken, it stops half way, says it can't communicate w/Paypal. Any ideas?
PayPal is not listed on the FIDir.txt for Quicken Mac 2007 -

I was unable to find any information on when this may have occurred, but I did notice that I'm unable to Add my PayPal account to QMac2007 unless I choose "This account is not held at a financial institution", making it a manual account.

If you're importing a QIF that you downloaded from the PayPal site, you should be able to import into a banking-type account without any errors.  You may need to use this method for getting your transactions going forward.
  • I'm not at all techie in this regard. Tamara, are you telling me that from now on, I'll never be able to download Paypal as easily as my other banking accounts?
  • Based on the information currently available, that is a correct assessment.  But, as with all things, this could change.  

    If PayPal was removed from the list of supported financial institutions based on their decision to no longer support the legacy Mac products, there's really nothing we can do to connect directly to their servers from with Quicken; your only option would be do download and import a QIF from their website.
  • just FYI, this isn't a legacy product. It's the most up to date version of Quicken for Mac.
  • Please confirm which version you are using: you posted in the Quicken Essentials area, but you have it marked as 2007-hence Tamara's post about not working.

    Since you are getting halfway through the setup, that would appear to me QEM. If you are getting an error code, post that-Tamara may indicate if you should proceed with the above link or not.
  • ...and Quicken for Mac products are termed Legacy, while Quicken Essentials for Mac is not, because the QFM "legacy" products were designed for Power PC while QEM is Intel-based.
Sorry for the mix up. It's Quicken Essentials, vers 1.6.1f6707.

The error message I get is: "The attempt to download from this institution has failed (1001 An error occured while processing your request.(null)).  Please try again later"
  • Use the above link to submit your logs-that applies to QEM and the 1001 error. (I have the same.)

    Tamara likely saw your posting's "Mac 2007" tag; thus her response was both accurate and applicable for that legacy version of Quicken for Mac.  But since you are using QEM, there is hope we both can continue using PayPal with automatic downloads.

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