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Bank of America Transaction download

When will the account connection for transaction transfer be working again ?   It's been over 4 months with nothing but promises of a solution.
    Tdraym (and everybody else having download problems):
    Contact Quicken Support. Be prepared to provide download log files so that Intuit can take a closer look at the issue and determine the cause of your problems.
    • Even though Quicken says it is Bank of America issue, my suspicion is it is not.  After years of use, I've been having same issues downloading with One-step with Bank of America for last 6 weeks (I recently updated to Q12).   The current error of the day Quicken is OL-220. I've activated, deactivate accounts, I've used the one-step and used the download feature on BoA website. Each works at best 50% or less, of time.   Here what I’m hearing from Quicken:

      The logs you provided helped us determine the root cause of this error in this situation.
      This error is caused by the financial institution transmitting OFX/QFX that exceeds the 32 character limit for their name, displayed as <ORG> in the OFX Log.
      We have notified the financial institution and/or their service provider that they need to log into the Intuit Branding Servers and make a correction to get this tag to meet OFX Specifications.
      Until they complete this process, Quicken will continue to return an OL-220 or OL-221 error for the malformed OFX.
      There is no current work-around for non-Direct Connect-enabled financial institutions, as this error will also occur with Web Connect.
      Quicken Support cannot resolve this issue, as we cannot legally change the financial institution name for them.
      If you require further assistance with this issue, please contact your financial institutions Online Banking Support and request they escalate to their OFX engineering team or their service provider.

      The story / solution by Quicken is every changing.  Now they say it is BoA issue.  Quicken tells me the download feature will not work, but, guess what, it does – which gives me even greater belief Quicken support is lost.

      Instead of thinking it is fixable; do you know of any alternative to Quicken?  I’ve used Quicken for almost 10 years and have had enough.
    • Thanks to 422032hike for his effort to determine the cause .... I would think that Quicken should take a more active role with BofA in working out a solution ... Like you, I too am about to give up on Quicken.
    • I followed the advice and removed the account (the only BOA account i have) from one-step, then tried to re-add by downloading the transactions from the BOA website.  I keep getting error CC-800, but the transactions actually download into Quicken.  I even tried downloading them into a new account, but still get that error.
    • I have been trying to download BoA AllOther States as well.  I keep getting errors, and follow the online steps, but the error keeps coming.  
      I've received no info fromBoA or Quicken that is actually helpful.
    • BoA integration has been a nightmare for months now.  It has been spotty at best.  Now it's down again and has been for the last several weeks.  CC-501 errors for me.  Support is of no use what so ever.  Their answer is always "send in your log files and it will be addressed in 15 to 20 days".  This product is so bad I can hardly believe it.  Too bad there aren't many alternatives.
    • thanks to all that answered.  Maybe 2012 will be a better year for Quicken and BOA.  It can't be any worse.
    • Still no solution from Quicken ... I can't understand why a company that professes such a focus on customer service that that have not addressed this issue directly.
      Do they read these posts at all ?
    • I too am having the same problem and it has been this way for several months. Before that, everything worked fine then all of sudden it stopped working. I have recently upgraded to Quicken 2011 and the problem has not changed. I've found that the process of deactivating the account and then reactivating, Quicken will download the transactions. However, any subsequent update will NOT download ANY transactions... no errors though. Therefore, if I want my transactions I have to deactivate and then reactivate EVERY TIME.... Totally UNACCEPTABLE.
    • I too had the same problem downloading my transactions and such from B of A late last year 2011.  Everthing worked fine untill it just stopped and I would get the usal error message.  I contacted B of A and was told that for a monthly fee I would be able to download throgh Quicken. ( I forgot what the charge would be).  I started checking the net and found that I could go directly to the B of A online bank site and download my accounts from there into my Quicken. It has worked OK so far but I do not like the extra steps.

      Quicken wants me to update to the new version but why should I when it does not download within the program.
    • I have beeb getting the BOA runaround also.  I have spoken to tech people (who I have great trouble understanding) and they sent me an emails saying the problem with BOA is fixed.  IT IS NOT!! Still can't download transactions going back to 4/2011.The error message I receive says it is not my fault.  I concurr.  I didn't have this problem until I upgraded to Quicken 2011.
    • So has anyone come up with a good alternative to Quicken that doesn't have these problems?

       I will say, however, that Quicken has no problem with our Wells Fargo, Citibank, or American Express accounts, just the Bunk of America. My suspicion is that BofA's unusual (and ineffective) two-factor, constantly changing login requirements seem to be a big problem. I have to delete and reinstate my on-line access every week or two, and then it's good for a while.

      If you talk to BofA, their solution is Direct Connect. They say it'll solve all these problems. And they only want $9.95 a month to do that for you.

      I've been with BofA for over 40 years. I think it's high time to switch to my local bank, which offers much more service, didn't need a bail-out, and isn't screwing people on a daily basis like B of A.
    • I have Quicken 2011 and a BOA account. I have many of the problems mentioned early.  I finally created a new file for 2012, went to the BOA website and download all accounts into Quicken.  That worked well, recreating my accounts but giving them a new name.  I then was able to do a one step download with no problems.  Of course I lost all my categories but found that the categories that came with Quicken work well for the most part.
    AFAIK, there are no current issues with BofA downloads.
    Have you tried to deactivate _all_ your BofA accounts in Quicken and then reactivate them, being sure to choose the proper BofA bank from the available choices.
    Be sure to have a good backup of your Quicken data file before you start working on this, in case there are any problems.
    • I've had trouble with one-step-update from BOA for quite a while now.  I disabled onestep update in Quicken and now can't re-establish it.  When I try, I get a message saying "Sorry.  We could not connect to Bank of America-All Other States (It's not your fault)"
    Mr Shaky,
    have you tried this:
    Make sure _all_ your BofA accounts are deactivated / removed from One Step Update. Also make sure you have a current backup of your Quicken data file, just in case ...
    Logon to your bank's website and initiate a Quicken - compatible transaction download. Follow the prompts upon receiving the download into Quicken and that should reestablish your connection.
    • Been trying to get BoA to reactavate to Quicken for weeks and still get errors from one step update and can.t download from BoA website [all other states] since I updated to Q2012. still waiting for an answer tried ukr's answer but still dont work. Sorry I upgraded Quicken.

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