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Quicken Home Inventory export

How can Home Inventory data be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, other program or csv file?
    If you are talking about the QHI that is a part of Quicken then no it is not possible.
    You can import but not export.

    You can try to print a report and scan it an OCR software to read it and maybe that way it convert to a Word or Excel for you.
    Or print as a PDF and if you have a PDF to WOrd or Excel software maybe that would work.
    • When is Intuit going to make Home Inventory a better program.  You really are stuck if you imported data and then spent hour entering additional data only to find it doen't not have very good reporting nor the ability to export the data.
    Quicken Home Inventory will not work with Windows 7. Quicken really drop the ball on this one!
      They do have this.
      Quicken Home Inventory Manager

      It is a stand alone product. It will convert your current file into a new format that is can not converted back.

      Here is a sample of Help questions and links to the answers.
      Also not sure what or whether it will work on Windows 7.

      QHIM help info

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