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Downloading From Discover

Using quicken 2009, running on XP Professional, 1 GB ram, Gateway laptop circa 2003.
Browser is Mozilla Firefox 3.6.28 because it is less of a resource hog.

On Update, the transactions are ready to post, but Quicken cannot find my Discover account, even though it is set up. Quicken asks me to choose the account from a list. My Discover account is not in the list.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.
    Sounds like your Discover account may be setup up for One Step Update already.  You can see what is established on the Account List (Ctrl+A).
    If you want to use OSU, make sure that you have a Direct Connect download connection by linking to Discover Card and NOT Discover Card Account Center (Express Web Connect and less reliable).
    If you are wanting to continue doing your own downloads from the website, de-activate OSU for the account, do the download and this time you should find the Discover account in the list of accounts to select from.  After that, it should make the right connection each time you do a download from the website.

    Be advised, as of 4/30/2012, Quicken 2009 will no longer be supported either technically or for online banking:

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