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Account Transfer with duplicate entries

I have a very weird issue that I need some assistance with.  Currently in my Quicken data file I have a checking account, a mortgage liability acocunt, escrow account, and asset account for my home.  Every month I make one transaction from my checking to my mortgage liability, and escrow, and interest expense for my mortage payment.Basically this is one transaction with three splits.Everything works fine until I reconcile the checking account.If for some reason if I reconcile the mortgage transaction (mark it cleared) and then for some reason I have to unmark it "cleared".  Quicken will make a second transfer payment to my liability mortgage loan account.  I then have to delete the entire transaction from my checking account to fix this, making secondary deletes from my liability account for the extra transactions.I have never seen this before...I have validate the file and super validated the file and it continues.  Any help would be appreciated.
    I'm reply to my own discussion to provide more information that I found.I discussed this issue with Quicken email support and got the generic "Corrupted data file" discussion.  In this case this is 100% wrong.  I was able to create the issue with a brand new data file in Quicken 2008 R6.Here is the bug report I submitted to Intuit.BUG SUMMARY:Quicken 2008 R6 is creating extra extries to liability account when part of a split transaction from a checking account.  The extra etries get created when the cleared status is reversed in the checking account transaction and/orpart of the original checking transaction is changed (ie. Memo field).  This throws off the balances of anyliability account.Email support told me this was damage to my data file, but this is incorrect since I can create it 100% of the timein a brand new data file.I can provide sample files and phone support if needed.My guess is this is the result of the tag being entered on the split transactions.STEPS TO REPRODUCE THIS BUG:1.  Create a new data file2.  Add a checking account with a balance of 1000.003.  Add a liability account for 5000.00 ( You can add a Amort schedule, but it is not necessary)4.  Add a asset account called "Escrow"5.  Add a Tag call "Test Tag"6.  From the checking account create a split transaction for 100.00.  In the split transfer 50.00 to the liabilityaccount, and 50.00 to the escrow asset account.  Set the tag for each split to "Test Tag" and the memo to "test1" for both.Then enter the transaction.7. Next go to the liability account and manually reconcil the transaction.8. Go to the Escrow account and reconcil the transaction.9. Go to the Checking account and reconcil the transaction.7. Lastly, unreconcil the checking account transaction.8. At this point you should see a phantom entry created in the liability accountRESULTS:Extra entry in the liability account is created that shouldn't be thereEXPECTED:Adjustment to the checking account transaction should be made without extra entries being made to theother accounts. Once again I can provide sample files, and phone/email support if needed.I'm reporting this becuase I think it is a big issue and not one I would consider by design.
      I'm relying again to my last post...I passed the information in my last post to support and they tell me they can't recreate it with my steps outlined in the email.Unfortunately, I can... 100% of the time. Hopefully, my information doen't fall completely through the cracks and someone else can see the problem.  At this point I'm not sure there is anything else I can do, other then to keep communicating about it.If you are having this issue and see this post, please try the steps outlined and post back if you can recreate the issue.  Even if you are not seeing the issue, please try anyway... I would be interested.While my frustration can probably be seen in my posts, I try and keep myself grounded by the fact this is a retail product...I suppose there is the possibility that I'm the only one who sees this as a problem.That being said, I downloaded Microsoft's Money product the other day to see if its a better fit.
        I have experienced the same issue. in my case i had entered a paycheck manually with transfers to my 401k and another banking account. i guess when I download my transactions, it cleared the paycheck in my primary account. i then discovered duplicate entries in my 401k and the other account. i could not delete any of the transfer entries. i did what you did, deleted the original then added it back (although i toggled the "cleared" field after and did not get another entry again). this was the 2nd or 3rd time this had happened. it now appears to have totally thrown off my reconcile too. my deposit side has 4 entries ticked off but at the bottom the summary says 5 entries. i'm not sure where the invisible one is located. i have been a quicken user since 1987, this is the worst release i've seen.
          Quick update...I have worked with Intuit's support for the past few days and today during a phone conversation today they were able to recreate it 100% of the time.No one really doubted this was a problem.  Hopefully, the project team will address the issue soon.In your case I'm not sure it is the same.  I have only seen this issue with liability accounts.  All other accounts appear to be ok.  Personally, I stay away from downloading transactions...
            What circumstances do you need to "unmark" a cleared transaction?I'm not sure why this has to be done?_ Once a check is "cleared", to me, it's cleared the bank.Please clue us in on your reasoning for unmarking this transaction._ We might be enlightened or offer you advice to eliminate this process.
              This is a good question.  I agree in many cases you won't "unclear" a a reconciled transaction.In my case, I found this after I accidently unreconciling the transaction in the current months checking account register.  As a result, this new entry showed up in the liability register.I would consider myself a Quicken power user, so I caught the issue and was able to recreate it with the support team.  I doubt most people will until there entire register is messed.  My opinion, this is a bug.  Thankfully, I know the exact steps that cause the issue, so I can work around it.  I do have to give a thumbs up to the Quicken support team on this one.  Intuits support gets a bad rap sometimes, but in this case they really wanted worked through the issue until it could be recreate and addressed.  I can't say the same for this version though.  I really feel like quality in the program has been slipping for the past few years... regardless there is not much else on the retail market to use.
                I get this same bug and it drives me CRAZY!!!!  Is there any way to resolve the bug???
                  Just a comment guys: there is a world of difference between reconciled "r" and cleared "c" and for all intents and purposes you should not change an "r" to a "c'._ With a transfer, especially a three part one, Quicken might interpret changing an "r" to a "c" as a requirement to create a new transaction in each of the other two transfer accounts._ Since I don't mess with mortgages, there may be something special going on there too.Are you constructing these transfers manually or did you use the transfer command in the menu bar just below the account name?_ I ask because there's something there that I consider a bug._ I also wonder about the split in this context, are you paying from two accounts to one mortgage or using one payment to cover two mortgages?_ If it's something like one payment from checking to a principal category and an escrow category, that could be an issue too.Can you provided more details - not account numbers, but a general idea of transaction amount and what the splits and payees are? (again, no private information, just enough that I can follow.)_
                    Are you building the split transactions manually or are you using the loan wizard created recurring transactions?
                      I am having the exact same issue in Quicken 2008 Deluxe Release R 7 for Windows. It's extremely frustrating, and I've never had the problem with previous versions of Quicken. I have validated the file and the problem continued. I even created a new data file and I still have the problem. In my opinion, this is a bug in Q2008.
                        I'm having this very same problem in Quicken Deluxe 2008. Also with recording mortgage payments with 3 splits (liability, escrow and interest).
                          Quote:" Account Transfer with duplicate entries: I'm having this very same problem in Quicken Deluxe 2008. Also with recording mortgage payments..."I also see this problem if I change the date of a split transaction whether it is reconciled or not.  When I get a credit card statement I enter a split transaction in a checking account on the date I plan to pay it.  It's split because I use several categories/tags to track expenses.  If I change the date later I almost always get a duplicate entry in the credit card account that can't be deleted unless I delete the the entry in the checking account first.The only work around I've found is to memorize the transaction just before deleting it so at least it will be easy to reenter.
                            Quote:" Account Transfer with duplicate entries: I also see this problem if I change the date of a split transaction whether..."Monthly I make a split transfer from checking to savings with splits for several different tags, federal tax reserve, state tax reserve, auto insurance reserve, etc, plus non tagged .  One I make the transfer, if I make any change in the original transfer, some of the entries will be duplicated in the savings account.  My work around has been to cut the transfer in checking.  Delete the extra entries in savings. Paste the transfer back into checking and never ever change it in any way.  If I must change it, then I have to cut it.  Delete extra entries in savings and paste it again.  I have reported the bug several times.  On the phone the rep was able to duplicate the problem.  I keep hoping that Intuit will fix it.  I just downloaded Release R 8 and the program is still broken.I'm beginning to doubt if they will ever fix it.
                              I have spent the last 4 months waiting for a response from my emails to quicken on this.  I just spent 90 minutes on chat with someone that couldn't even understand the basic problem.  I have duplicated transfer entries from a split transaction that nothing will allow me to delete.    Quicken ignored all my email and the chat agent barely understood the tool.  I have been a user since 1995 and was even a beta tester for Quicken 2005 ... this is the only release of the software that has made me consider getting rid of it.    I am investigating others now.  I still need to figure out how to reconcile my 401K as the duplicates are ridiculous.
                                Quote:" Account Transfer with duplicate entries: I have spent the last 4 months waiting for a response from my emails to...">i I have duplicated transfer entries from a split transaction that nothing will allow me to deleteHave you tried deleting the Source transaction first then deleting the duplicate split transactions?
                                  Quote:" Account Transfer with duplicate entries: I have spent the last 4 months waiting for a response from my emails to..."i'm having the very same problem although i've narrowed what i believe to be the source of the problem to the NUM field. i use the NUM field to indicate the status of the transfer ("To Do", "Pending", "Done", etc). when i first enter the split transfer transaction all is well until i change the data in the NUM field. once i do that some or most of the splits are duplicated in the destination account. when it comes time to reconcile i have to memorize the original transaction from the source account, delete that transaction from the source account, delete the duplicates from the destination account and then re-enter the original transaction in the source account. a royal pain! i've also been using quicken forever (20+ years) and have never encountered this problem. Q2006 did not have this issue but it started when i upgraded to Q2008 from Q2006. does anyone have a solution???? rich
                                    I'm also an experienced user with over 10 years using Quicken.  Splits have always worked we for me, except now with the TAG feature.  I've set up a similar set of recurring transactions where a transfer from a BankAccout is split into several amounts, each going to the same account in a MoneyMarketAccount. Sometimes it has worked but at this point there is something corupted in the data/program. To keep is simple, I'll just explain the latest behavior.  Tired of trying to get a single transaction to split without multiplying on the other account, I entered individual transactions each with the tagged amount. (i.e., instead of one transation with three tagged splits, I entered three tagged transactions with no splits).  The result was that I got two of each individual transaction in the transferred to account.  Very scary because it means that the database is getting corrupted.  I will try deleting the tags and using new ones to see if this helps.
                                      Quote:" Account Transfer with duplicate entries: I'm also an experienced user with over 10 years using Quicken.  Splits have always..."I recently upgrade to Quicken 2009 and I still encountering this issue.  I contacted support and they mentioned this has been escalated to 'Production/Development'Of course my issue with Quicken 2008 was also escalated.Hopefully they will fix it this time
                                        I am using an older cheaper version of the program, but I too have generated duplicate transactions that cannot be deleted, by using account transfers from within another split transaction.  I have setup my paycheck to register my total gross that then categorizes my tax deductions and my insurance/ annuity donations.  Yesterday, I changed the way that my retirement contributions were recorded and changed a number of earlier deposits.  Each time I re-entered the deposit, my annuity account re-recorded the original transaction (which I had not changed), keeping both and raising my annuity total in the register.  Oddly, these duplicate transactions do not show up in account reports generated separately, but only in the account register and the overview.  I can eliminate one of the duplicate entries by changing the destination of the annuity transfer line, but the other entry sends me back to the split transaction, even though the annuity transfer no longer appears within the split.I was looking for a fix, but it appears that we will have to create our own as we wait for Excel to address the problem.  I intend to send the duplicate transactions to a dummy account and write them off to balance corrections.  This will at least get my current annuity balance listed correctly.  This "fix" annoys my OCD, but I'll cope.  Still, my problem seems similar but different enough that its description could contribute to the program developers deriving a fix, which we ten-year users will be expecting soon.
                                        • This is ridiculous, people are spending countless hours trying to solve this problem, why isn't Quicken solving this problem?

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